Portfolio Letter

Dear Portfolio Readers,

UWP 1 has truly helped me grow as a writer through the past ten weeks I have been a part of the class. When I came into this class I was not expecting much as I believed I was not a good writer before the class. I did not enjoy writing, feeling it more as a chore than a hobby. I had a lot of grammar issues and I always seemed to ramble on about ideals that were not part of the main idea of the essays I had written. I wanted to learn how to create better structure, have better grammar, and better focus in my essays.  The overall goal for this class for me was to become a better writer with succinct ideas and good structure in my writing so that the reader would enjoy and understand my essays.

The goals I set for myself when the quarter started was to fix my grammar errors and sentence structure that I had previously struggled with. I think I have grown as a writer and have fixed my grammar mistakes and write with better sentence structure now, though I can still greatly improve both of these. The mistakes I make are more in line with creating an essay that clearly conveys its main ideas rather than faltering at the basics such as structure and grammar. The things that really helped me with my grammar and sentence structure was the group revisions we did as a class. Having a different set of eyes look at my writing helped me realize my mistakes more since in my head I was writing a great essay but that was only to me but to the general reader the writing would be confusing and lost. Group revisions also helped me get new ideas on how to structure and convey my ideas, reading other students’ work helped in this regard.

The skills I have developed during this quarter have been to create a more cohesive essay, less grammar mistakes, as well as having better structure in my writing. I developed these skills by continuously writing, UWP 1 helped me grow my skills effectively since it constantly forced me to write more and more while improving all of the skill I had listed beforehand. The assignment that really helped me click was assignment 3. It really helped push me in creating a structured essay with a small amount of allotted time to develop my ideas. The skills I have developed will be applied to my future writings in terms of my general thought process when writing my essays since I now have a better idea of how to structure my essays to get the most powerful message across with the least amount of words to attract the reader more.

The piece of writing in this class that I felt proud of most was my assignment 1, hence why I chose it to present to the reader. I chose to revise assignment 1 because I felt that it was the stronger piece for me since I could strongly relate to it but also because I felt as if I could improve it much more than assignment 2. Assignment 1 was the first essay in a long time that I enjoyed writing. I was able to express my feelings that I hadn’t been able to do before in my previous writings in my other English classes. What I learned in the revision process was how to improve my structure to help convey my main ideas more strongly. This piece will display my skill for conveying my ideas and thoughts to the reader.

As a writer I am still in my infant stage. There is still much for me to learn to improve my writing and elevate it to another level. Every time I read my writings I always have new ideas on how to rewrite it and improve it. There is never a moment where I stop and think that my writing is done. Having this mentality has helped me blossom in becoming a better writer. I hope the you , the reader, will enjoy my essays as much as I enjoyed seeing the improvement I have made as a writer with them.


Richard Nguyen


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